Poomsae Performance Programs


The long term successful performance of Western Australian Taekwondo poomsae resides in the ranks of our developing junior athletes and younger aged senior athletes.

Due to the time required to develop “elite” skill levels and obtain the necessary competition experience to be competitive on the world stage the long term development of our younger athletes is a priority.

This should commence with targeted athletes from the age of 10 years for Dan holders and general gup level athletes 5th Gup and of 12 years and onward.

It is also important to recognise that differing age groups and technical standards present unique coaching and management challenges which require specific strategies.

Western Australia has had considerable success in poomsae performance for Australia having won three of Australia’s total of nine medals from World Championships, it has had multiple members win selection to National teams to benchmark events (in fact WA is the second biggest supplier of national team members) and has had three coaches appointed to national teams.

The ATWA Poomsae program hosts regular training sessions, organises both grassroots and advanced seminars and targets its pathways to align with national high performance programs and national team success.

The program aligns itself with the strategic plan of Australian Taekwondo Western Australia Inc and operates so as to best utilise and fill the requirements of external bodies such as the Department of Sports and Recreation.

Through the DLGSC athlete support program for regional athletes from 12 – 19 years are eligible for government travel support. Through DLGSC/WA Institute of sport selected athletes are eligible to participate in the DLGSC/WAIS developing Champions program.

Additionally ATWA offers financial support for selected program athletes to targeted events.


The aim is for Australian Taekwondo Western Australia Inc to work in conjunction with the National Governing Body to implement Grassroots programs through to high performance through the creation of a State development program consisting of a clear tier structured performance pathway from grassroots to elite levels.


To develop a broad based State pool of potential High Performance athletes, while advancing the overall technical and competitive standard of Western Australian Poomsae Athletes from novice through Elite. To assist in producing quality coaches through interaction with the development and high performance program.

State Training Sessions

State training sessions are held regularly throughout the year with the exception of the end of the year, where possible it is designated as rest time, so athletes are not subjected to over training. Training sessions are advertised on our Facebook page and instructors are notified of all sessions in advance. In addition, seminars with guest instructors are held during the year with advance notice given to instructors.

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