Australian Taekwondo Western Australia Inc is the National Affiliate of Australian Taekwondo Limited the National Member Organisation of the World Taekwondo Federation which in turn is recognised by the international Olympic Committee.

Australian Taekwondo Western Australia Inc has various state affiliations and recognitions including the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries, Western Australian Olympic Council, Western Australian Sports Federation and Volunteers WA.

While ATWA is a self governing authority it strives to work closely with its partners to ensure that processes and operational matters are closely aligned so as to ensure smooth governance and operation. Many of its policies and procedures therefore mirror those of its National Governing Body, Australian Taekwondo or AT’s governing body the World Taekwondo.


Australian Taekwondo Western Australia is a martial arts sports organization, with a clear emphasis on dedicating itself to provide excellent quality service delivery in sports management and creating value for its members for their participation and enjoyment in Taekwondo as a sporting and recreational activity.

Our strategy is based on continuous growth, operational excellence, innovation and the implementation of the latest sports   developments and technical expertise in the sport of Taekwondo.

We aim to be the benchmark martial arts sport delivery organization of choice. We will be a superior performer in all our business operations and activities, while delivering positive interaction with our member clubs.

We will pursue this vision in a manner consistent with our corporate values emphasizing the importance of our member’s rights and expectations.


Our mission is to create and firmly establish a uniform entity by which the sport of Taekwondo can be conducted, promoted and administered as the peak governing authority for Taekwondo Sport in Western Australia.

The Association’s primary tasks are to formulate and implement effective programs and policies through state strategies that align with national strategies were appropriate to advance the sport of Taekwondo and fundamentally promote and develop the sport and its members for their physical well being, health and enjoyment.

To strive for gender and age diversity within our governance and operational structures.

Enhance opportunities to generate and distribute funds from the growth and development of all aspects of the sport from grass roots to National and International level participation.

Increase the growth and sustainability of Taekwondo as a sport and to maximize its impact in delivering economic and social benefits to all members and stakeholders.

Satisfy and be compliant to the rules and policies of the national governing association and the world governing body, to the peak State sports umbrella organizations such as the Western Australian Olympic Committee and the Western Australian Institute of Sport.

Satisfy and be compliant to all legal requirements and legislation relevant to the operation of Australian Taekwondo Western Australia Inc in the interest and safety of our members.

Ensure each affiliate and or member organization have the opportunity to benefit from Australian Taekwondo Western Australia’s  policies, programs, plans, and as stake holders add value to its vision to become the peak organization in its service delivery.

Ensure that Members act in an ethical manner and follow the rules and Regulations, of Australian Taekwondo Western Australia when dealing with members, affiliated members or each other.

ATWA Constitution

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ATWA Board Charter and Code of Conduct

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